Jackson 4 weeks
Jackson at 3.5 weeks
Jackson 5 weeks
Jackson at 7 weeks
Jackson 6.5 weeks
Jackson 8 weeks
Jackson stacked at 9 weeks
Jackson at 9 weeks
Jackson leaving for his new home
Jackson at his new home
Jackson at his new home
Jackson sleeping at his new home
Jackson on his favorite chair
Jackson at 4 months
Jackson at beach 7 months
Jackson retrieving on beach
Jackson enjoying the ocean with his owner
Jackson 7 months
Casamoko's Jackson Blue
Jackson on the couch 1 year
Jackson on vacation at Cape Cod
Jackson at 1 year
Jackson enjoys his birthday cake
Jackson sleeping in a ball
Handsome Jackson Blue
Jackson's head shot
Jackson in the city
Jackson on his bed
Jackson is proof that German Shepherds are great lap dogs
Jackson in the car
Jackson plays guitar
Jackson celebrates his 6th birthday!
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