Moose at 11 years
Halfen's Grand Canyon of
GretchAnya at 9 months
Katie's Kodiak M Shadow OFA
at 3 years
Casamoko Shepherds was started with my first German Shepherd, my childhood babysitter
and guardian, Sadie.  She was born in 1990 and followed me all the way to college where
she passed away in 2002.  My family got their second German Shepherd, a male named
Moose in 1994.  He followed me to Massachusetts and passed away in the fall of 2005.

Kodiak is the first shepherd that I bought shortly after Sadie was gone and she has been
amazing since the day I brought her home.  Kodiak is everything that people want in a
German Shepherd, extremely intelligent, loyal, athletic, beautiful, and able to always make
me smile.  She is the foundation of Casamoko Shepherds and we are happy to have her
teaching her granddogs and great granddogs the ropes around here.  Kodiak got me into
conformation showing and then into agility.  Agility was the perfect match-high energy,
rewarding, and FUN!   Kodiak tried obedience, rally and also sheep herding earning her
instinct certification at 11 years of age!  She still loves to swim and play at almost 13 years
of age.   

The next shepherd I got was an American-bred male,
Canyon, from GretchAnya Shepherds.  
Canyon competed in the conformation ring, winning several champion points before moving
on to obedience and rally.  He had some fun playing and training in agility with my husband
and seems to really enjoy that as well.  Canyon has sired numerous litters from our own
females as well as other females in the area and is a proud father for sure!  He is proving to
be a very exciting dog and an excellent producer of gorgeous pups with wonderful
temperaments, as he has produced nearly 100 pups and passes on his gorgeous good looks
and exceptional temperament.  We co-own several of his daughters and sons that are
currently being campaigned and are working on their championships.  

Dakota is from Kodiak's first litter and has proven to be everything I could ask for in a
german shepherd-intelligent, beautiful, loyal, driven, protective, aloof to strangers, yet
affectionate to family and friends, and a wonderful producer and mother.  She competes in
rally, obedience and agility with several upper level titles already earned.  She continues to
excel at everything she does and is the ultimate working dog that culmunated with her
earning her PAM (Performance Award of Merit) from the GSDCA in the fall of 2014.  She
inherited her mother Kodiak's wonderful producing ability and has several pups that are
intelligent and wonderful companions.  

Aurora is from Kodiak's third litter and is the welcoming committee here at Casamoko
Shepherds.  She is super outgoing, confident, full of energy and a true sweetheart.  She has
had some early success in the conformation ring as a puppy and then took a break to rear a
couple litters.  She ultimately earned her AKC conformation Championship in April 2015 and
became our first homebred Champion.  We are extremely proud of her accomplishments as
well as her producing ability.  Auroar has also tried some rally, obedience and agility,
earning some beginner titles in obedience and rally so far and working on her excellent
titles in agility.  She has also taken a natural ability to herding sheep and is working towards
her PT (pretrial tested) title.  She is proving to be a great dog to train and work and will
hopefully earn her PAM as well.  She also is a superb producer, like her mother Kodiak and
has raised 3 litters totaling 27 pups and takes it all in stride.  All of these girls are super
mothers that take care of the pups above and beyond and teach the pups until they leave for
their new homes.   

Eureka is from Dakota's second litter and is one of the smartest dogs I've ever met.  She is
very energetic and loves to work and train.  She loves being right and figuring things out.  
She won some best puppies in the conformation ring and a second place in her teenage
bitch class at the Northeast Futurity.  She earned her first point toward her championship
from the 12-18 month class.  She placed in her Maturity class at the Northeast Maturity in
2013.  She has earned her AKC CGC title and has passed all her OFAs, with excellent hips
and certified elbows, heart, thyroid and is clear for degenerative myelopathy.  She will
continue showing off in the conformation ring as a fluid moving dog that floats, this girl can
move.  She has excelled in agility earning her novice and open titles in a few months time,
in between raising her 2 litters of puppies.  She is a blast to work with and has already
earned her beginner novice obedience title and is working on more obedience titles as
well.  She also is enjoying herding and has already achieved her herding instinct certificate.  
and will be competing spring 2014.  She is a very driven girl and will be sure to keep us
busy, busy, busy.

Kiana is from Alaska and Canyon and is a product of both of her parents.  She is the
sweetest and most loving dog.  She is typically very calm and toughtful unless their is a
stick or ball to retrieve.  She has crazy ball drive and loves to play fetch.  Kiana has earned
her Canine Good Citizen (CGC) title and is currently training in agility.  She has had good
success in the conformation ring, earning a best puppy at a specialty show at 9 months of
age and has earned two Best of Breeds from the classes.  We are excited to watch her

Ayla is from Aurora's third litter and has surpassed our expectations.  She had very early
success in the conformation ring earning a 4-6 month Puppy Herding Group 2 her first show,
a 3 point major from the 6-9 puppy class, a Puppy Herding Group 1 at 11 months of age, and
a major reserve at 15 months of age and 3 Best Opposite Sex awards from the classes.  She
is a beautiful fluid mover with goregous type and presence.   She has already earned her
Canine Good Citizen (CGC) title and is training in agility.  We are sure she has an exciting
future ahead of her.

Java is from Eureka and Canyon and is a beautiful girl with amazing expression.  We loved
this puppy from the beginning and she has not disappointed.  She is extremely intelligent
and loves to work and train.  She earned her Canine Good Citizen (CGC) at 10 months and is
training in agility.  She is also showing in the conformation ring and loves the attention.  

I am a breeder who is working first and foremost to improve the breed while creating sound
puppies with exceptional temperaments.   I strive for my puppies to have correct
conformation with a medium to high activity level and the ability to do anything.   Casamoko
puppies excel at obedience, agility, conformation, rally, herding, tracking, schutzhund, and
service work.     

Canyon, Sadie, Moose, and Kodiak are the four cornerstones of Casamoko Shepherds and
their names and influence will live on with the kennel.  They inspired me to get involved in
the breed by joining local and national clubs, and to compete in the conformation, agility,
and obedience rings.  They are not just my pets, but my best friends and family members.

I am a veterinarian who works at Warren Animal Hospital, a small animal practice in Rhode
Island.  My primary interests are in canine reproduction and helping other breeders produce
quality dogs for each of their breeds.  I graduated from
Tufts School of Veterinary Medicine
in May 2008, where I began my training in canine reproduction.  My dogs and puppies
receive the highest quality veterinary care available.  All of my breeding stock is OFA
certified hips and elbows and screened for other genetic disorders.  I strive to provide the
highest quality dogs and puppies I can and all dogs come with a health guarantee.  See the
puppy page for more info.
Sadie at 12 years