Alaska is a beautiful black and tan female.  She is one of two superstars from this litter.   See her sister Aurora's
page for the other superstar.  Alaska has beautiful, fluid movement with correct shoulder and hindquarter.  She
is balanced on both ends and has an elegant neck, perfect headpiece with dark eyes and perfect earset.  

Alaska completed her STAR puppy CGC award at 8 months of age.  She is currently training in obedience and
agility and has also tried herding sheep.  Alaska is loving everything she tries and is already proving to be a
very intelligent dog.   We look forward to great things from her and her sister,

Alaska has received her CGC (Canine Good Citizen award) and earned her RN (Rally Novice) in August 2010.  
Alaska earned her Beginner Novice (BN) in 3 straight shows in October 2011.  Alaska earned her Novice Agility
Jumpers title in May 2012 and her Novice Agility in June 2012.   Alaska continues to excel at agility even after
turning 10 years of age and competes at the masters level.  She earned her Agility Excellent Preferred title in
2018 and is still loves to run.  Watch for her at a show in Wisconsin or Minnesota.

Alaska had a litter of 10 gorgeous pups with Canyon on June 13, 2013!!  She is now a grandmother and retired
from the breeding program.  She spends her timing running agility and doing therapy work!
Pedigree of Ch. Kenlyn's Aries v Hicliff ROM, OFA "Bailey" x Katie's Kodiak M Shadow, OFA
Ch Kenlyn's Aries v
Hicliff, ROM, OFA
Katie's Kodiak M
Shadow, OFA
Am/Can Sel. Exc. Ch. TR's
Quintessentail v Kenlyn ROM
Cole von Schonenbeck, OFA
Jazzmyn von Der Wulfwald
1999 GV Ch. Welove
DuChien's R-Man ROM
Kismet's Sweetheart Deal
2000 Can. GV. AOE 2x
Sel. Ex. Ch. Jag of Fran-Jo
TR's Pandora v Kenlyn
Tahoes Jack von
Schatzi von Anna
Trommel's Soncho v
Sikarra's Little Sadie Mar
Ch. WeLove DuChien's Matthew
WeLove Langenau's Lucille
GV Ch. Proven Hill's Banker of
Atlanta TC, ROM/C
Pinebuck's Myra of Kismet
Ch. Kenlyn's Illuminator v Fran-Jo
Ch. Rebbecca of Fran-Jo
Ch. Schokrest Presidio ROM
TR's Jade v Kenlyn
Ch Bo-Hem's STAR Command, OFA
King John Sleik, OFA
Alta Mein Der Schatz
Trommel's Eros, OFA
Trommel's Xen Sirius, OFA
Trommel's Dago
Orion's Sikarra
Some Graphics Courtesy of
"Alaska" is pictured above at 8 weeks of age.
Alaska pictured at 9 months of age  
DOB 8/17/08
Alaska with her Star puppy CGC award
medallion at 9 months
Alaska retrieves
Alaska learning to swim
Alaska with her older, half sister, Bianca
Alaska tries herding at 9 months
Alaska with sheep at 9 months old
Alaska at 2.5 years of age
Alaska goes camping summer 2010
Alaska at 2.5 years of age
Alaska with her Jolly balls summer 2010
Bianca (left) and Alaska (right) posing with their CGC medallions.  
Both girls are daughters of
Aurora (left) and Alaska (right) littermates November 2009 at 15 months
Alaska, Polar (middle) and sister
Bianca (right) Christmas 2010
Alaska dresses up for Halloween 2011
Bianca on left and Alaska on right, both Kodiak daughters
Halloween 2011
Alaska earns first place in Novice Agility Jumpers May 2012
Alaska earns her Novice Agility Jumpers title with another first place ribbon!!
May 2012
Alaska with her new agility title ribbon June 2012
Alaska celebrates her 4th birthday
Alaska turns 4 years old
Alaska with agility ribbons December 2016
Alaska's 8th Birthday
Alaska 8 years
Alaska in tire jump November 2017
Alaska going over A frame June 2017
Alaska waiting for Christmas readers at the library
Alaska waiting for Christmas readers at the library
Alaska's 9th birthday
Alaska's 9th birthday
Alaska's 9th birthday
Alaska (left) with her daughter Lola (middle) and niece Sierra (right)
Alaska as bee for Halloween
Bison (left) Alaska's grandson, Lola (Alaska's daughter), and Alaska, Sierra (right)
Alaska the therapy dog
Ayla (left), Alaska's niece, Lola, Alaska's daughter, Alaska and Java (right) Alaska's great niece
Lola (left) and Alaska (right) daughter and mother
Alaska (left) and daughter Lola (right)
Alaska (left) and daughter Lola (right)
Alaska (left) and daughter Lola (right)
Lola (left) and Alaska (right)
Alaska with agility ribbons
Alaska running agility
Alaska (left) with Lola (middle) and Canyon (right), Lola's parents
Alaska (left), Lola (middle), and Sierra (right)
Canyon (left), Bison (middle) grandson, and Alaska (right)
Wizzard of Oz: Tinman Sierra, Scarecrow Bison, Lion Alaska and Dorothy Lola