Halfen's Grand Canyon of Gretchanya BN, RA, TC,
OFA H/C/T/Cerf/DM, OVC H/E "Canyon" (retired)
The Handsome Males
co-owned with Rebecca Dickson of
Gretchanya Shepherds
Casamoko's Need For Speed CGC, TC,
OFA H/E/C/T/DM "Zoom Zoom"
Ch Casamoko's Like a Mack Truck v Honeytree CGC, TC,
OFA H/E/C/DM "Diesel"
co-owned with Debbie Bradshaw of
Honeytree Cairn Terriers
Casamoko's Ace of Hearts CGC "Ace"
co-owned with Brianne and Manny Periera
Retired Males from the Breeding Program:
Peakes Brook Fast Cars & Freedom v Casamoko TKN, TC,
OFA H/E/C/T/DM "Nova"
Peakes Brook Burning Heart v Casamoko "Barracuda/Bear"
TC, OFA C/T/DM, H/E prelim