Bogan 4 weeks
Bogan 3 weeks
Bogan at 5 weeks wtih Krackel
Bogan 4 weeks
Bogan 6.5 weeks
Bogan 7 weeks
Bogan 7 weeks
Bogan 8 weeks
Bogan at his new home 2.5 months
Bogan by the water
Bogan in the woods
Bogan in his yard
Bogan enjoying the fall leaves
Handsome Bogan
Bogan with his ball
Bogan at 7 months
Bogan 7.5 months
Casamoko's Cody aka
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Bogan turns one year
Bogan's first birthday
Bogan October 2007
Bogan 1.5 years December 2007
Bogan pretends to be a lap dog with his new kitten friend
Bogan 2.5 years takes a nap with his new kitten
"Hey Mom and Dad, thanks for the snack.  Wait is this
food?  I think its still moving."
Bogan takes a nap with both of his feline friends
Bogan loses his bed to the cat
Bogan with his kitten