PAM Casamoko's Black Hill's Gold "Dakota"
TC, CGC, OFA H/E/C/T/Cerf/DM, CHIC #67427
Ch Bertalan's Altair, TC, OFA
Can Ch Brown Hill Valco's Clean
Sweep, TC, HIC, OFA, ROM/C
Stonehedge Apache Ken-Delaine
Ch Stonehedge Pinot
Tahoes Jack von Schonenbeck
Schatzi von Anna
Trommel's Soncho v Wulfwald
Sikarra's Little Sadie Mar
Sel Debonair Prefered Stock Topa, OFA
Sel Ch Bertalan's Miss Sassafras, CD, TC,
Ch Farmil's Desert Storm, TC
Ch Valco's Key Largo v Schokrest, CD, TC
Sel Ch Ken-Delaine's Egoiste
Ken-Delaine's Adria
Sel Debonair Prefered Stock Topa, OFA
Ken-Delaine's Adriia
Ch Bo-Hem's STAR Command, OFA
King John Sleik, OFA
Alta Mein Der Schatz
Trommel's Eros, OFA
Trommel's Xen Sirius, OFA
Trommel's Dago
Orion's Sikarra
Can Sel Ch Am Ch Brownhill's
Willow v Kysarah, TC, HIC,
Stonehedge Indian Summer,
Cole von Schonenbeck, OFA
Jazzmyn von Der Wulfwald

FV Ch Nikiree's Summer
Premiere, OFA, TC, TEC, HIT

Katie's Kodiak M Shadow,
Dakota is a stunning bi-color with a beautiful feminine head and elegant neck with a perfect earset.  Her
eyes are almost as dark as her face and shine like her amazing coat.  She has a nice croup, fluid
movement, tight feet and short hocks, and most importantly a temperament to die for.  She is the
sweetest girl, and has won my heart even as a 7 week old puppy.  I decided to keep a puppy from her
litter when I wasn't planning to, and I have never regretted the decision.  She is the best dog I could ask
for-smart, attentive, sweet, protective and always willing to work and please me.  She is always willing to
work, but loves to play.  

Dakota's show career ended early when she lost a tooth from an unfortunate boarding mishap.  Despite
this, she is a beautiful adult and is competing in both agility and obedience.  Dakota has been training in
both obedience and agility since she was only a few months of age.  She has earned her companion dog
title (CD) and Beginner Novice (BN) in obedience and her rally excellent (RE).  She is currently
competing in agility and had earned all of her Novice (NA, NAJ, NAP, NJP, NF, NFP) and Open titles
(OA, OAJ, OAP, OJP).  She finished her open titles and has moved up to Excellent earning her AXP and
AJP titles and is now competing at the Masters level.  She is also working towards her Graduate Novice
title and currently has 2 legs.  Dakota also herds sheep and earned her PT title on sheep!

She has had all of her OFAs completed-she has EXCELLENT rated hips, she is also certified normal
elbows, cardiac, thyroid, eyes (Cerf), and is tested clear/clear for degenerative myelopathy (DM).
Dakota earned her TC (temperament certification) from the GSDCA in April 2010.  Dakota is now retired,
but spent time in the whelping box, having a litter in 2010 and 2011.  She has proven to be a great
producer as well.  See her
pups here or visit Eureka's page.  Dakota is enjoying retirement at 11.5 years
of age and still loves to play.
Click for Dakota's puppy pictures or
pictures of Dakota's littermates
Dakota (back) and her littermate sister
Bianca (front)
Dakota January 2011
Dakota at 6 months
Dakota with her puppy summer 2010
Dakota summer 2010
Dakota 1 year
Dakota turns 4 years old 7.15.2010
Summer 2008
Dakota (left) and Aurora (right) ready for
bed.  Both are Kodiak daughters.
Dakota gets a first and finishes her
agility title April 2011 (she has her
pups one month later)
Dakota does a double Q in agility April 2011
Dakota makes a birthday wish and
turns 5 years old 7.15.2011
Dakota with her birthday present 5 years
Dakota 5.5 years
Dakota 5.5 years
Dakota with her Jolly ball
Dakota gaiting with her Jolly ball
Dakota jumping in agility
The above set of pictures were taken on Cape Cod May 2012
Aurora (left) and Dakota (right) Christmas 2011
Dakota (left), sister Aurora (middle) and daughter Eureka (right)
Christmas 2011
Dakota Christmas 2011
Dakota turns 6 years 7/15/2012
Dakota completes her Open Agility title
on her birthday with a second place!!
Dakota with birthday ice cream
Dakota turns 6 and makes a wish
Dakota waiting to eat ice cream
Dakota digs in
Dakota with her birthday gifts
Dakota in Washington 2012
Dakota in Washington 2012
Dakota in Washington 2012
Dakota in Washington 2012
Dakota hiking in Mount St. Helen's Park
Dakota hiking in Washington
Dakota takes a break
Dakota stops to smell the flowers
Dakota sits in the flowers in Washington
Dakota at Mount St. Helens
Dakota hiking at Mount St. Helen's Park
The above series of photos are from the a beach in Washington state on the Pacific Ocean
Summer 2012
Dakota as reindeer Christmas 2012
Dakota with daughter Eureka
Christmas 2012
Dakota and Eureka as reindeer Christmas 2012
Dakota as a reindeer Christmas 2012
Kodiak (left), Dakota (middle) and Eureka (right) 3 generations of
Casamoko shepherds Christmas 2012
Dakota stacked at 4.5 years DOB 7/15/2006