Casamoko's California Gold Rush "Eureka"
OFA H/E/C/DM clear
Eureka at 5 months
DOB 5/13/2011
Eureka is a mischievous, intelligent, beautiful, and challenging German Shepherd.  She has been a
handful since the day she was born and has been keeping us on our toes ever since.  She is correctly
built in structure and is flawless to watch in motion with an elegant neck, gorgeous head, twinkling dark
brown eyes, fluid reach and follow through, and a correct temperament.  She has the look of eagles, that
is hard to find, but unmistakable when you see it.  

Her good looks and correct structure made us fall in love with her, but her personality is what set the hook
in our hearts.  She is spontaneous, thoughtful, quick to learn, affectionate, and always makes us laugh.  
She also always has something to say back to us-even at a few weeks of age, she was a talker.  

She has some big paw prints to fill here at Casamoko, her mother,
Dakota, Aunt Aurora, and grandma
Kodiak have set a strong foundation.  She has OFA EXCELLENT hips like Dakota (her dam), normal
elbows and normal thyroid and heart.  She is DM (degenerative myelopathy) clear/clear, like Dakota and
Kodiak.  She so far has earned her CGC and has been excelling in agility.  She is a wild one and loves
everything she tries.  

Her career in the show ring has been promising so far, with several first placements in the puppy classes
and a 2nd place in the teenage class at the Northeast Futurity May 2012.  Eureka earns her first point
from the 12-18 month class in Springfield, MA under Judge Cathy Daugherty on August 23, 2012 at 15
months!!  Eureka earned her Temperament Certification from the GSDCA in April 2013!!  Eureka earned
a 4th place in her Northeast Maturity May 2013!!  Eureka is an amazing mother and has raised two litters
of pups, one in 2014 and one in 2015.  Eureka earned her Herding Instinct Certificate in 2014 and
excelled at herding in the summer of 2015 and earned her Pre Trial Tested title in 2 tries.  She really
loves sheep too!
Ch. Mar Haven's Last
Cowboy Song PT, HSAs
PAM Casamoko's Black
Hills Gold BN, CD, RE, PT,
2007 GV Ch Welove
DuChein's Army of One
Mar Haven's Southern
Nights, OFA
FV Ch Nikiree's Summer
Premiere, OFA, TC, TEC,
Katie's Kodiak M Shadow,
OFA 13 Club Member
Sel Ex Ch. Welove DuCheien's
Rollins, OFA, ROM
Welove Du Chien's Bethel,
Am/Can Sel Ex AOE Ch
Elvastons Southern Byrne, PT,
Jericho's Avant Garde
Can Sel Ch Am Ch Brownhill's
Willow v Kysarah, TC, HIC,
Stonehedge Indian
Summer, OFA
Cole von Schonenbeck,
Jazzmyn von Der Wulfwald
1996 GV Stoneway's Uecker, OFA,
Welove Du Chien's Heather, ROM
Ch. Welove Du Chien's Matthew, OFA
Welove Langenau's Lucille
1997 GV AOE Ch Mar Haven's Color
Elvaston's Sparkler, OFA
Von Ivo's Tru Spirit of Jericho, OFA
Sunday Silence of Nordlicht, OFA
Ch Bertalan's Altair, TC, OFA
Can Ch Brown Hill Valco's Clean
Sweep, TC, HIC, OFA, ROM/C
Stonehedge Apache Ken-Delaine
Ch Stonehedge Pinot Ken-Delaine
Tahoes Jack von Schonenbeck
Schatzi von Anna
Trommel's Soncho v Wulfwald
Sikarra's Little Sadie Mar
Eureka 8 weeks
Eureka 7 weeks
Eureka 8 weeks
Eureka 8 weeks
Eureka 8 weeks
Eureka 8 weeks
Eureka 8 weeks
Eureka 8 weeks
Eureka 8 weeks
Eureka 8 weeks
Eureka 8 weeks
Eureka 8 weeks
Eureka 8 weeks
Eureka 8 weeks
Eureka 8 weeks
Eureka 8 weeks
Eureka 8 weeks
Eureka 8 weeks
Eureka 9 weeks
Eureka 9 weeks
Eureka 9 weeks
Eureka 9 weeks
Eureka 9 weeks
Eureka howling from a very young age-pictured above at 6.5
weeks (left) and 1 year (right).  She always has something to
say and likes to talk.
Eureka howling 3 weeks
Eureka (left) howling and Mars (right) 4
Eureka 4 weeks
Eureka 10 weeks
Eureka 12 weeks
Eureka 11 weeks
Eureka 11 weeks stacked
Eureka 11 weeks
Eureka 1 year old May 2012
Auntie Aurora (left) at 3 years and Eureka (right) at 5 months old
Eureka 14 weeks
Eureka 12 weeks
Eureka 11 weeks
Eureka 14 weeks
Eureka 12 weeks
Eureka 12 weeks
Eureka 12 weeks
Eureka (left) at 12 weeks with her mother, Dakota (5 years)
Eureka's road trip to Wisconsin at 3 months to visit the
Eureka 12 weeks
Dakota (left), Eureka's mother, with Eureka (right) at 3.5 months
Eureka 3.5 months
Eureka (left) 3.5 months with Dakota
Eureka 3.5 months
Eureka 3.5 months
Eureka, Dakota and I hiking in Lincoln Woods
Eureka (left) at 4 months with me and Dakota (right) in Lincoln Woods
Eureka 3 months with fish
Eureka 14 weeks
Eureka 12 weeks
Eureka 12 weeks
Eureka 13 weeks
Eureka 13 weeks
Eureka 13 weeks
Dakota (left) and Eureka (right)
Eureka (left) and Dakota (right) tired out
Eureka naps 4 months
Eureka with her intense gaze at 4.5 months
Eureka 4.5 months
Eureka profile 4.5 months
Eureka sitting 4.5 months
Eureka watching 4.5 months
Eureka laying down 4.5 months
Eureka 5 months
Eureka (left) napping with her mother, Dakota (right)
Eureka turned 6 months old and earned
1st place in the 6-9 month puppy class
at her first show November 2011
Eureka celebrates Christmas 2011
Dakota (left), Aurora (middle) and Eureka (right) Christmas 2011
Eureka dresses up for Christmas
Eureka 8 months
Eureka 8 months
Eureka 10 months
Eureka 11 months sticking her tongue
Eureka 11 months
Yes, that is our kitchen table and yes that is
a dog sitting on the table.  Not just any dog,
but Eureka. She is our wild one and
definitely keeps us laughing. . . .
Hey, you can see out this window really
well from up here!!
Oh no, here comes mom, maybe if I close my eyes, she won't notice
me.  There is no place like home. . . .
After seeing Eureka master the kitchen table at 11 months, I began to
doubt myself on having taught her the agility pause "table" at such a
young age.  It was a highly reinforced behavior, but I think it may have
transferred to all tables in her mind.
Eureka in Seneca Falls, NY on her birthday for the
GSDCA Northeast Futurity
Eureka with her "wood" from the futurity May 13, 2012
Eureka is our wild one for sure. . .

"I am a wild one
Tame me now
Running with wolves
And I'm on the prowl.... "
Flo Rida's Wild Ones
Eureka celebrates her first birthday,
here is to many more!!
Enjoying one of her birthday toys
Wait, there is more toys in here, yeah!!
Eureka with birthday toys
Eureka celebrating her first birthday
Eureka checks out the ice cream
Eureka makes a birthday wish
"Can I eat this yet?  I think its melting!
Its on fire!"
Eureka 1 year of age DOB 5/13/11
Eureka earns wood at the Northeast GSDCA Futurity with a
2nd place in a competitive class, May 13, 2012!!
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Eureka gaiting April 2014, 2 years old
Eureka stacking at 2 years September 2013