Casamoko's Nila Blue Sky BH
Max and Nila one day old
Nila 3.5 weeks
Nila 5 weeks
Nila 6 weeks
Nila 6 weeks
Nila 6 weeks
Nila 7 weeks
Nila 7.5 weeks
Nila 8.5 weeks
Nila 8 weeks
Nila 8 weeks
Nila 8.5 weeks
Nila 8.5 weeks
Nila with Gracie
Nila at 9 weeks
Nila's first Easter
(she caught the Easter bunny)
Nila and Gracie
Nila 10 weeks
Nila helping with dishes
Nila 10.5 weeks
Nila eating her puppy book
Nila studying to become a good puppy
Nila's head shot 3 months
Nila's profile 3 months
Nila talking to Gracie
Nila resting on her porch
Nila the model 3.5 months
Nila at 14 weeks
Nila graduates puppy kindergarten
Nila and Gracie
Nila 5 months
Nila takes after her mother Kodiak and shows her love for
jumping-agility anyone??
Nila at 6 months
Nila at 7 months with her German Shepherd friend
Nila graduates from obedience class
Nila with her owner at obedience class 9 months old
Nila working in a Schutzhund Trial Fall 2008
Nila earned her BH title at 1.5 years of age
and is working towards her Schutzhund I
title.  Schutzhund is german style training   
that involves tracking, obedience and
protection work.  It is what is the basis for
much of the police dog training.  We are
very proud of Nila and her owner Barbara
for working so hard.  Nila is the epitome of
the type of puppy that Kodiak
produces-sound, hard working, intelligent
dogs that excel at any task they take on.
Nila at 2 years old spring 2009
Nila at 2 years old spring 2009
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