PLEASE NOTE: Once you have visited our kennel, we will accept deposits
to hold a puppy for your family. These deposits are non-refundable and are
considered a promise or a "good faith" commitment on your part that you are
done shopping and have decided to purchase from us.
Application for Casamoko puppies
The following information is intended to help in the selection of a puppy for your household.

All information remains confidential.

 Your Name: ______________________________________________________________

 Address: _______________________________________________________________

 City: ____________________________________ State:_____ ZIP:______________

 Phone: (Home) _________________ (Work): _________________ Email___________________

 Best time to reach you:

 How did you hear about Casamoko Shepherds?

 Why are you interested in obtaining a Casamoko German Shepherd Dog? (check all that apply)

 Companion?                 Show?                          Obedience?                  Protection?                  

 Breeding?                     Agility?                Other?

Do you have a color preference?

 Are you interested in a:

 Male ______ Female  ______ No Preference ______

 What qualities do you like in a German Shepherd Dog?

 Is this your first German Shepherd Dog?

 Have you owned a dog before? _____ How long?

 What animals do you presently own? List breed, age, gender and name.

 If you had to move would you be able to take the dog with you? _____

 Are you willing to Spay / Neuter this dog? ______ If not, please explain:

 Have you ever had to euthanize (put to sleep) a dog? _______ If so, why?

 How do you plan to exercise the dog?

Do you Own or Rent your home?  (Please circle)

Do you have a fenced yard?  List type and height.

 Where will the dog relieve itself?

 Where will the dog stay during the day?        

 At night?


 Married ______       Single ______        Divorced _____       Widowed ______      Partnered______

 Your Age:

 under 20 ______     20-30 ______          30-50 ______         50-70 ______        Over 70?______

 Children living at home?: ________ How many? ____________ ages?______________

 What hours do the adults in your household work?

 Provide at least three references, including the veterinarian used for the last dog you owned (if applicable):




 Thank you for your interest in Casamoko Shepherds. Please list any expectations you may have for this new         
 addition and any other information you wish us to consider before placing a shepherd with you:

Buyer as referred to below shall refer to:______________________
Seller as referred to below shall refer to : Katie Halfen Mackey DVM

1. Buyer agrees to use the word Casamoko in the puppy’s registered name, and such must appear on the puppy's
individual AKC/CKC registration papers, or buyer voids all warrantees.

2. Puppy is of sound temperament and is in excellent health at time of sale.

3. Puppy has been examined by a licensed veterinarian (seller) and has had first vaccinations and worming procedures.

4. During the 72-hour period following sale, the seller urges the buyer to take the puppy to a licensed veterinarian, at
the buyer’s expense, for an examination if the buyer doesn’t feel the puppy is in top health.

5. The seller guarantees this puppy against OFA Moderate Hip Dysplasia and until the puppy is 2-1/2 years old or has
been bred. On your puppy’s second birthday, take him/her to a veterinarian with experience in OFAs to have the hips
and elbows x-rayed. Send the x-rays to the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals, Inc. (OFA). They will rate your dog’s
hips and elbows.

If your dog is positive for moderate or severe hip dysphasia or UAP of the elbows, you will be compensated, with the
following stipulations: Proof of claim must be supported by the OFA report, at the buyer’s expense. If proven, the buyer
need NOT return the puppy, but must submit a certificate of spaying or neutering before compensation will be
considered. Compensation shall consist of a replacement of the puppy with one of equal value or the value of the dog if
the seller sees fit. (If the original puppy is purchased as pet quality, it will be replaced with a puppy that is pet quality).

6. Purchase of puppy is understood to be a commitment to this dog for its entire life. The buyer agrees to contact the
seller if for any reason, including death, divorce, separation, moving or eviction, the buyer can no longer keep this dog.
UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES is this dog to be placed in a humane society, rescue or animal shelter or the seller shall
be entitled to press charges against the buyer for the purchase price of the dog and any expenses incurred while re-
obtaining the dog.  The buyer agrees to take the dog back to Casamoko Shepherds if the buyer cannot keep the dog
for any reason and will not try to resell the dog or dispose of the dog in any fashion or again the seller is allowed to
press charges against the buyer for the purchase price of the dog and any expenses incurred with reclaiming the dog
as well as any medical expenses incurred for the dog.

7. Buyer agrees never to use an electronic fence or “shock” training collar or buyer voids all warrantees.  If debarking is
being considered, the buyer must contact the seller before undergoing this procedure or all warrantees are void.

8. No cash refunds will be made at any time except obedience, agility, herding, or tracking title rebates, as noted below
in No. 9.

9. Puppy is entitled to an AKC Obedience, Agility, Herding or Tracking title rebate after earning a CD, CDX, UD, UDX,
AJP, AXP, AX, AXJ, MJP, MXP, MX, MXJ, MACH, PACH, HSAs/d, HSCs/d, HC, TD, TDX, or VST Title. The buyer must
notify the seller with a duplicate title certificate for the seller to keep. The owner receives $100 for a HC, CDX, UD/UDX,
or MACH/PACH title and $50 for a CD, TD, TDX, or any other agility/herding title listed above.  A maximum of $200 will
be paid to buyer per dog purchased.  

10. This puppy is being sold as a companion puppy with limited registration and is not to be bred.  If the buyer is
considering breeding the dog, the buyer must contact the seller before doing so.  If this dog is bred intentionally or
unintentionally at any time without the seller’s permission, all healthy warrantees are null and void.

11.  Seller will not be held responsible for the health, care, or any veterinarian bills once the puppy has left Casamoko
Shepherds’ kennel.

12.  The buyer agrees to enroll the puppy in a puppy kindergarten or puppy training class or private training lessons
before the puppy is 5 months of age.  It is expected that the buyer will attend the classes with the puppy.  This is a
requirement so that your pup will be properly socialized and trained.  The puppy may not be shipped or sent for training
to any facility without the owner being present until the puppy is 12 months of age.  The buyer agrees not to take the
puppy to doggy day care or dog parks until 6 months of age, to avoid injury or behavioral problems in the puppy.

13. It is highly recommended that you:
a.      Provide your veterinarian with a fresh stool sample if your puppy has diarrhea;
b.      Discuss preventative measures for heartworm and flea and tick prevention;
c.      Discuss spaying/neutering of your pet with your veterinarian (please see the spay/neuter recommendations

14.  If the puppy is spayed or neutered before 6 months of age, all warrantees are VOID.

15.  The buyer agrees to feed the puppy either Purina Pro Plan Large Breed Puppy food or Purina Pro Plan Active
26/16 until 6 months of age, or the health guarantee is void.  If any diet changes are made, they MUST be approved by
the seller.  No raw meat food is to be fed until at least 12 months of age.   

16. This warrantee is not transferable and applies to the original buyer and original puppy only.

Signature of Buyer____________________________________________  Date_____________________

Signature of Seller_____________________________________________  Date_____________________
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