Venus 5 weeks
Venus 3.5 weeks
Venus 6 weeks
Venus 3.5 weeks
Venus 2 weeks
Venus 4 weeks
Venus 8 weeks
Venus 7 weeks
Venus 7 weeks
Venus 7 weeks
Venus 8 weeks
Venus 8.5 weeks
Venus 8.5 weeks
Venus 7 weeks
Venus 8.5 weeks
Venus 11 weeks
Venus 11.5 weeks
Venus 11.5 weeks
Venus 11 weeks
Casamoko's Morning
Star CGC, RA  "Venus"
Venus 3 months
Venus 3 months
Jak, Scout and Venus go camping
Venus at 6 months
Venus tries the water
Venus with her owner, Laurie camping
Venus with her big brother Scout
playing in the snow
Laurie with Venus earning her RN
(rally novice) title spring 2009
Venus with her new friend Bentley
Venus has been working hard and has earned her Canine
Good Citizen (CGC) at 9 months and now has her Rally
Novice (RN) at just over 2 years of age.  Venus completed
her Rally Advanced (RA) title in April 2010.  She will be
working on her Companion Dog (CD) obedience title next.  
Thank you Laurie and family for loving and training Venus!!  
We are proud of this outstanding girl!
Laurie with Venus and Bentley on the beach
Bentley and Venus posing
Venus takes a nap with her new baby brother, Bentley
Bentley and Venus sharing toys
Jack and Venus with their little girl.  Is
Jack the Easter Bunny?
Venus with her favorite little girl
Venus shows Bentley how to bite the water from the sprinkler
Venus with brother Bentley
Venus with her brothers
Bentley and Venus ready for bed
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Venus competing in Rally Obedience
Venus and Bentley celebrate Christmas
Venus and Bentley hiking in the snow
Venus and Bentley running in snow
Venus and Bentley
Venus (right) poses with friends
Venus follows up in the rear on the hike
Venus and Bentley hiking
Venus swims with friends (top right)
Venus (right) with friend
Venus (left) with Bentley and friend