Casamoko's Xando
Xando 3 weeks
Xando 4 weeks
Xando 5 weeks
Xando on bottoms gets
attacked by sister Ziva on
Xando 6 weeks
Xando 6 weeks
Xando left and sister Ziva right
Xando 6 weeks
Xando 9 weeks
Xando 8 weeks
Xando 5 weeks with mommy Kodiak
Xando 8 months
Xando 6 months old
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Xando at 3 months
(natural party hat)
Xando in his new yard
Yuki (left) and Xando with floppy ears
Zoom Zoom (left) and Xando (leaping) brothers
playing with each other 3 months
Xando at 12 weeks
Xando with frisbee just like his mother,
Xando cools on in the pool with his
sister, Yuki (from Kodiak's second litter)
Xando takes a bird's eye view
Xando at 1 year of age