Zoom Zoom pictured at 2 years old July 2011
Casamoko's Need for Speed "Zoom Zoom"
Zoom Zoom 4 weeks
Zoom Zoom 6 weeks with toy
Zoom Zoom 5 weeks
Zoom Zoom 7 weeks
Zoom Zoom 7 weeks
Zoom Zoom 8 weeks
Zoom Zoom 10 weeks
Zoom Zoom 9 weeks
Zoom Zoom 9 weeks
Zoom Zoom learns to sleep on the couch at 12 weeks-
still a favorite place of his!
Zoom Zoom at the ocean at 4 months-he loves to swim!!
Ch Kenlyn's Aries v
Hicliff, ROM, OFA
Katie's Kodiak M
Shadow, OFA
AOE Select Ex. Ch. Kismet's
Sight For Sore Eyes ROM,  
Ch. TR's Quintessentail v
Kenlyn ROM, OFA
Cole von Schonenbeck, OFA
Jazzmyn von Der Wulfwald
1999 GV Ch. Welove
DuChien's R-Man ROM,
Kismet's Sweetheart Deal
2000 Can. GV. AOE 2x
Sel. Ex. Ch. Jag of Fran-Jo
TR's Pandora v Kenlyn,
Tahoes Jack von
Schatzi von Anna
Trommel's Soncho v
Sikarra's Little Sadie Mar
Ch. WeLove DuChien's Matthew, OFA
WeLove Langenau's Lucille
GV Ch. Proven Hill's Banker of Atlanta
Pinebuck's Myra of Kismet OFA
Ch. Kenlyn's Illuminator v Fran-Jo, OFA
Ch. Rebbecca of Fran-Jo Decathalon
Ch. Schokrest Presidio ROM, OFA
TR's Jade v Kenlyn, OFA
Ch Bo-Hem's STAR Command, OFA
King John Sleik, OFA
Alta Mein Der Schatz
Trommel's Eros, OFA
Trommel's Xen Sirius, OFA
Trommel's Dago
Orion's Sikarra
Pedigree of Ch. Kenlyn's Aries v Hicliff ROM, OFA "Bailey" x Katie's Kodiak M Shadow, OFA

Zoom Zoom has nerves of steel and a heart of gold.  He is what a German Shepherd should
be-confident, alert, intelligent, noble and handsome.  He has an outstanding temperament and
loves to play.  He is being shown sparingly in conformation until he matures.  

Zoom Zoom is named for speed and he definitely lives up to his name.  He has a perfect
head-all masculine, perfect ears, dark brown eyes and great bite!  He is tall with a nice shoulder
and good reach and his rear is clean coming and going.  He is currently training in
Schutzhund and is very intelligent.  He loves to goof off and thinks its all a game.  Zoom has
matured into a very masculine German Shepherd and is going to be showing again soon in the
conformation ring.

Zoom has placed in quality specialty classes and was awarded a first place in his puppy class
July 3, 2010 at an all breed show in Wrentham, MA.  

Pedigree is below.  He has OFA good hips, normal elbows, certified thyroid and cardiac
certified.  He has also earned his CGC.  He is currently standing at stud for the temporary fee of
$500.  BC and Mycoplasma required, call first day of season 401-248-4634.  He is a proven
producer of some nice pups.
Zoom Zoom celebrates his first
Zoom Zoom as spiderman for
Halloween 2010
Zoom Zoom trying to drive the porsche
Zoom Zoom lives up to his name
Zoom Zoom at 2 years of age July 2011
Zoom Zoom taking it all in stride
Eureka (left), Zoom (middle) and Dakota (right)
Zoom and sister Dakota
Zoom with niece Eureka
Zoom jumps up to check it out
Zoom taking a break
Zoom sits